Why My Server Does Not Have Email Available

I’m often asked why my server does not have email available. I always recommend G Suite to my clients and there are several main reasons why I do so. This post will help you understand why not hosting email services on my server makes sense and is beneficial for you.

Hard to Troubleshoot

The first reason is that email and email servers can be a real PITA to troubleshoot. Email is actually an IT issue, not a website issue, and my service, experience, and knowledge is in websites, not IT and email servers. I can not properly serve you and meet your needs if I am trying to figure out something that is beyond my ability.

If Website Server is Down, So is Email

The next major reason is almost enough to make all the other reasons redundant or insignificant. If the server goes down for any reason, your email is also down. Your customers can not contact you and you don’t have the ability to easily communicate the problem to your customers. When email is hosted on its own server, you never lose contact with your customers and you can easily keep them updated on any problems.

Resource Hog

Third on my list is that having email service on the same server as your website requires and uses too many resources on the server. Those resources should be used to serve site files, giving you and your customers a fast and efficient website experience. If those resources are being drained by email programs, your website can become very slow and sluggish in loading pages, and that is a major disadvantage, especially in today’s mobile web.

Email Needs Optimized Servers

The final reason I don’t have email on my server is that your email send and receive reliability is significantly better when the server is optimized and set-up exclusively for email service and managed by someone that specializes in email, not website hosting. My server is setup and optimized to handle your website, to do so effectively, efficiently and reliably. G Suite servers are set up to manage email and are probably the best email servers that you can find.

I hope that now you better understand why email is not hosted on my server and why I recommend a strong dedicated email solution to better meet your needs and allow you to then meet your customers needs.

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