About Oyler Creative

Photo of Paul Oyler, the person behind Oyler Creative.

Paul Oyler, the person behind Oyler Creative.

The mission of Oyler Creative is to take care of your church, ministry, or business website for you, allowing you to have the website you need without having to worry about actually maintaining the website.

Oyler Creative also provides personal one-to-one website support and consultation.

Since 2000, Oyler Creative has been serving satisfied customers with integrity, guided by our commitment to Christian principles.

Hi! I'm Paul Oyler, and I'm the face behind Oyler Creative. I'm a self-proclaimed "crazy old dude who wishes it were still the 1970’s but also loves 21st-century technology." I've been using WordPress to create websites for almost 15 years, and in the last 4 years has become serious about the WordPress Community.

I'm a Follower of Jesus, Husband, Dad, ‘Pappy’, WordPress and Genesis user, Music Lover, Deadhead, Buffalo Sabres and Bills fan. My career path includes being a website Builder, Social Media Manager, Small Business Owner, Photographer, eBay Seller, Truck Driver, Executive Housekeeper, Youth Pastor, Warehouse Worker, Machine Shop Laborer, Convenience Store Clerk, Book Store Clerk, Textile Mill Worker, Security Guard, College Athletic Department Manager, Janitor, Flea Market Vendor, Retail Manager, Burger Flipper, Paper Boy, Christmas Card Seller, Seed Seller, and Lemonade Stand Operator.

Born in Buffalo, NY, grew up in Roanoke, VA, went to college in Toccoa Falls, GA, and now residing in western PA.

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