Very Cool Clients

I think ALL of my clients are very cool, and I like to spotlight various clients from time to time. And when they do something special, I always try to point it out in some way. Now that I am going to be blogging here, this will be the first place that I spotlight those clients.

Life ?uestions with Pastor Michael

Pastor Michael BannonAnd this week, that spotlight is shing on Crossroads Community Church of Naples. They have been with me for several years now, and I consider Pastor Michael Bannon to be a friend. Not only is he the Pastor at Crossroads, he is also quite the musician, and we share many musical favorites.

He also hosts a radio show every Sunday morning that is also archived on the church web site, called “Life ?uestions with Pastor Michael.” (There is also a rumor that the show may soon be available as a weekly podcast on iTunes, so if that happens, I will definitely be writing about it!) You should definitely check out this show; go to the show’s page and browse through the archives. Some of the titles will definitely jump out at you and you will want to listen.

Yesterday’s show was one of those very cool shows. Pastor Michael had several friends join him in the studio and they did a show of Christmas music. Now I know Christmas is over, for most of us, but you really owe it to yourself to listen to this show. There were some vocal numbers and some instrumental numbers, and they were all most excellently done with great arrangements.

So do yourself a favor, and listen to Michael Bannon, Kevin Gould, David Gould, Whitney Treloar, and Jordan McCloskey beautifully present Christmas music. You’ll definitely be blessed by the music!

Life ?uestions Christmas Music broadcast

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