Does it seem like your Mobile fees are going straight up?

A little over 3 years ago my wife and were looking at our monthly bills and we decided that our mobile phone bill was just out of control. Sure, you could “hear me now” but at a little over $180 a month for the two of us, it just didn’t make sense and it seemed as if our bill was rocketing straight up.

Then a friend told us about Ting – mobile that makes sense and we are so grateful! Ting is a smarter way to do mobile – with pay for what you use service, $10/GB data rates, nationwide coverage and no contracts. Our monthly phone bill now averages around $70 a month for the two of us. That is a MAJOR difference for us!

ting - mobile that makes sense.

And right now, if you’d like to investigate Ting for yourself and save money on your mobile bill, you can try out Ting for free! You can try Ting at no cost. Call and ask for a free SIM card ($9 value). Plus, you’ll get $25 off your bill when you sign up.

Get started:

1. Check if your phone works on Ting. Go to If your phone is compatible, create an account at
and click on the “create a new account” link

2. Call 1-844-248-4547 to get your free SIM card.

3. When your SIM card arrives, activate here to get $25 off your bill.

It’s that easy! Are you ready to start saving today?

And just to be open and honest, if you sign up we will ALSO receive $25 off our next bill, which is always nice!

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